Wild Piripis are vicious evil killing machines that will kill anything in sight, and is one of the most powerful animals in the Deedle Zoo. They are much stronger then any type of Anton, and can infect other people with a virus that turns them into a killing machine too, and after 3 days they will also turn into a fully grown Wild Piripi. There is a cure for the piripi virus though, but it can only cure them before they turn into a fully grown Wild Pirpi. Once you have just got the virus, in the first 10 minutes or so you can get rid of it by excessive scrubbing and water. An infected person can always come back to its master (the piripi) and always find it.

Wild Piripis are also very rare animals, but extremely powerful and hard to beat. They eat human flesh, or just all meat, raw. Their fangs can saw through human bones, and they could rip a human in half pretty easily.

They are also pretty intelligent, and could use a taser or a gun clumsily.

It may look like a human, but it is a wild animal that is not even remotely human.

The Wild Piripi is kept in the Deedle zoo in a cage, in an enclosure, wearing a straitjacket and a hannibal lector mask to stop it from biting people.

Once a Wild Piripi escaped from its cage in the Deedle Zoo when a couple of teenage kids sneaked into its enclosure, thinking it was the Bearded Jasper Camel enclosure, then was locked in over night by the guards not knowing they were inside. The Wild Piripi then broke out of its cage, (but not its inclosure) and began to murder the kids, its straitjacket being ripped off by a pocket knife a kid was holding, and it pulled its own mask off. The screams distracted the guards though, and they ran in and pulled the kid out of the enclosure, but a guard accidentally dropped its taser in the cage and the Wild Piripi used it to escape. It then went around the zoo, releasing all the animals and infecting/killing people. The Zoo guards tried to stop it, to no prevail. Eventually the surviving guards got to the bunkers and were able to get the cure for the infected people, and got the Wild Piripi back in its cage.