A extremely powerful being with countless powers (even more powerful then Johnny Pickles when at his full strength) but still can be beaten easily because of his extremely common weakness, chicken noodle soup that makes him lose all powers and even not be able to get up off the ground of he's subjected to enough.


Chaz's arch enemy is Moon Man and the Man on the Moon who is actually his twin brother.

other personalities in Chaz's body include:


-Charlie Bear


Tarwe is a baby, and best friend to Charlie Bear but can never play with him since they are never together since they share the same bodies. He is friendly with Frederwick but not best friends. He also always wears a panda hat, that talks to him and gives him good advice in a deep voice, but only the one wearing it can hear him.

Charlie Bear is a cute cuddly living teddy bear, but when he gets attacked by someone he becomes a full size bloodthirsty grizzly bear that will tear apart the bad guy. He is also fond of machine guns and suits.

Dennis is a hit man and a anti hero. He takes out the baddies. He is also a shape shifter. He can change his total appearance including his height, hair colour and shape/length, eye colour, facial hair, but never his face. He can change clothes while shape shifting, but his favourite clothes are a cool brown jacket, and a white shirt with a question mark on it.