The end of Deedle, aka World War III aka The End Of Deedle.

When Bobby McMuffin gets together a team of EVERY SINGLE BAD GUY EVER Deedle have to finally tell the public about whats going on, and what Deedle is. The world splits up, some people are on the Villains side and think they are going to win, while others try and help Deedle, and it started World War III, a devastating war that killed over 60 million people.

For the battle, V.G gave up his immortality to Mecha-Satan to get all the personalities of Deedle into separate bodies to quadruple the amount of solders they had. V.G also died in the war, saving Frederwick from Jeff, who was blown up by V.G in his last moments.

Almost every one in Deedle died in the war, except for Johnny Pickles, Frederwick, Emily, Sofia, Dr Sherlock, a couple of Andre clones, Matthew, Zambi, and a couple of others (out of like the entire Deedle which has about 9 hundred people in it, though most are just normal people.)

Deedle shuts down after the Great Deedle War, even though their side did technically win, their side lost billions of people.

The storyline ends with a grown up Frederwick visiting an 80 year old Johnny Pickles dying from Habuffa in a hospital, writing about the adventures of Deedle. The last scene is Johnny Pickle's heart monitor stopping.