The Great Battle of Deedle (not to be confused with The Great Deedle War) was a huge battle that happened in the end of the Deedle Dark Age (a time when V.G tried to corrupt Deedle and managed to break it apart, if only for a few minutes, not the actual Dark Ages) which started about 10 minutes after V.G broke apart Deedle so they would be weakest when they struck. Bobby McMuffin escaped from the void and assembled a army of villains and kidnapped Deedle and took them to a temple so they could open a portal to let the Lotser of Legends out to enslave the earth. A bit before the battle MatthewCorp had created a machine that would separate the personalities from the body they were in and give them their own bodies. They tested it out on Johnny Pickles and got Frederwick into another body just before the Great Battle of Deedle but didn't get anyone else out before they split up and when Bobby McMuffin kidnapped Johhny Pickles for the battle he destroyed the machine so they never got any others out.(they never rebuilt it either, but they were rebuilding it when they found out Frederwick and Johnny Pickles would die if they didn't get back together in the same body because of a glitch in the machine, so when Frederwick turned back from Frederwick Bad Boy he had to go back in Johnny Pickles body. MatthewCorp never was able to fix the glitch so they never built the machine successfully)Deedle managed to stop them though, but it did cause the DEATH OF EMILY JR by The Muffin Man threw her off the temple.

Frederwick, in another body from Johnny Pickles, went mad in revenge and tried to kill the Muffin Man, and nearly succeeded, but Johnny Pickles talked him out of it.

V.G left after the battle because he felt so guilty because he was partly responsible for Emily Jr's death because he had caused the battle, the first step in his redemption.