Giant huge uber powerful cats that can change size and have almost unlimited power. They created the universe with the Dog Lords and also the Deedle Stick 'o' Power. (more on the history of the Deedle universe page)

The leader of the Cat Gods is The Linkster of Legends. There also are:

Linkster Of Legends

-The Ginger Ninja (original)

-Sir Shackleton

-Gingie (replacement Ginger Ninja)

The original Ginger Ninja was a super powerful ninja cat (also known as Fatty Red because of his large belly. Despite this he can still move exceedingly fast) who was killed in Battle.

He was replaced by Gingie, the NEW Ginger Ninja who was found as a little baby after Ginger died. He is also a great Ninja, but lies on the coach a lot. He is also pretty fat.

Dabba is also known as the feeder of the Cats, even though he doesn't technically FEED them and they could easily get food themselves, he is always giving them gifts like cat food and kitty nip to earn their trust and hopefully have them on his side, but even though they accept the gifts they know he's evil and dislike them.