Pushy Kat is the last of the race of Pushy Kats, a race of huge humanoid cats that have unbelievable pushing powers, and when two Pushy Kats push at each other at full force they can break the country their standing on in half. Pushy Kats also constantly sing a song called "I am a Pushy Kat" They can also push people so far, they can travel over seas.They were made to push, and it was what they did. They wanted to push, destroy and break everything they come across, so the last Pushy Kat, named Pushy Kat (they didn't have separate names), was locked away in a intergalactic prison. But Pushy Kat while in there did a spell so it became one of Johnny Pickle's personalities and would take control of his body, while its own body was left in the prison in a coma. Pushy Kat, in control of Johnny Pickle's body would try to break his own body out of the prison, But Deedle eventually did another spell and broke Pushy Kat's personality out of Johnny Pickle's body. When Pushy Kat turned into Johnny Pickles though, Johnny's body would morph into the body of a Pushy Kat.