Naughty Antons are evil beasts that are only capable of saying the words "Naughty Anton" and their only priority is to kill everything in sight. They are very strong and fast, though their hearing is great they have poor eyesight, except at night. Antons are a common species found primarily in abandoned houses, old forests or water holes. They feed mainly on human flesh, but if that is scarce other mammals will do. If you ever encounter a Naughty Anton the best thing to do is to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

The Naughty Antons are also related to the Scary Antons, creepier more blood thirsty and sadistic version of the Naughty Anton that only comes out at night, and the Grumpy Antons, which are basically just more powerful Naughty Antons. The Naughty Antons also surround themselves with Morphy Monsters, but do not travel in packs, rather just hunt in the same area.

Naughty Antons are kept at the Deedle Zoo.