Moonlings are Moon Man's children, and tiny little dark green balls with faces. For the first few years when they're born they are extremely small, about the size of an eyeball (or a bit smaller when they're first born) but they can grow up to the size of two fists put together.

The Moonlings also reproduce very radically, and the centre of the moon is filled with billions of them, though many live on Earth too, in caves and underground because sunlight hurts them.

They feel like eyeballs when they're first born and are easy to squash, but, even though they stay gooey, they grow to be very hard to crush. Moonlings were not made to be individuals but to join together to make a humanoid shape, and move like one.

When they grow up, the champions of all the Moonlings that are the strongest join up together into a humanoid shapes with the biggest as the eyes to make Moonling Primes, warriors made up of Moonlings that are very powerful and good a fighting. They were armour over most of their body to protect them from the sun which, as i said before, burns and can kill them. When Moonlings die they also turn to Moon Dust and if you collect enough Moon Dust (that would take lifetimes of Moonling breeding) you could create ANOTHER MOON MAN!!!!!!

The mythos of vampire originally originated from Moonling Primes since sun hurts them, they turn to dust when dying and they have fangs, though vampires do actually exist.