MatthewCorp is the company owned by Matthew, that is extremely eco-UNfriendly and pollutes A LOT.

Here are some of MatthewCorp's slogans:

-We Make Everything You Ever Wanted, and Everything You Never Wanted, We Make That Too!!!!!!

-Screw the Enviroment!!!!!!


-The Enviroments Overrated

-E=MC2 aka Everything = MatthewCorp Squared

As Slogan one says they do make some useful things:

-MatthewCorp Revival Potion (cures injured people but does not bring back the dead)

-Matthewtanium (Unbreakable metal)

But mainly it's useless.

-MatthewCorp Sword Slapper (a trout connected to a sword hilt that you slap people with)

-Pilly (a giant pill with lots of other pills inside)