Mafoons is the baby personality in Matthew's body, and undoubtedly the stupidest of all the babies.

Other personalities include:

-King Potato




-Evil Matthew (trapped in the squiggle wiggle universe)

King Potato is the king of the squiggle wiggles, a really strange alien race. Maddy is a girl, and Evil Matthew is an evil cyborg that is trapped in the squiggle wiggle verse in the same way Bobby McMuffin is trapped in the void.

Mafoons is also the friend of Frederwick, but not as close to him as Zambi and Dabba Jr. are close to him. He also once got addicted to Muffins in the dark age when V.G was getting Steven to feed them all muffins.

Matthew also has a company known as MATTHEWCORP a really dodgy company that does make SOME useful things (including the MatthewCorp Revival Potion and Matthewtanium) but most are extremely unhelpful (including the MatthewCorp Sword Slapper and the Pilly) MatthewCorp is also EXTREMLY eco-UNfriendly and does the environment a lot of damage by pollution.