Jack is an evil super powerful demon that was managing to destroy the futuristic medievil planet in another dimension that he was located in, who was trapped in a four square ball along with the king, queen and dutch, which was worngly confused with "dunce" of the planetwhich was sent to our planet in the dark ages. he has been trapped in the square "Jack" ever since, and if someone with either a J or a A or a C or a K (one of those letters) lands in the "Jack" square while using the ball he can possess them and try to use him to get out and into the real world again. When people first invented four square and played with the ball, only reckless people who wanted danger played with it, and it was banned from anyone with any of the letters in JACK in it, though after decades and decades people became less supersticioss and started playing with all the time and tee story was eventually forgotten and it was passed on as an ordinary two square ball. When Jack had used his possessed players to get him out, he then recruited his Army of Dead Jacks, which includes Jack and Jill, Jacky, Jackson, Jacarina, Jake, Jaquette, Jachary and Jacob. They are all dead people that Jack brought back to life that had a name similar to Jack to be his evil minions. Jack and Jill died by falling of a huge hill, and Jack broke his skull open. Jackson, aka Jacksonstein was a shop lifter until He got hit by a bus after running out of a shop and onto a road. Jack stitched his body parts together again. Jake was a pilot who crashed into the atlantic ocean and drowned. Everything about Jacky is unknown, since he had amnesia after Jack found his dead body and resurected him. Jacarina was a ballerina, until a hater threw a knife through her head. Jaquette's house was burned down and she didn't get out on time, Jachary, a chef, fell into his boiling soup, and Jacob was flattened by a steam roller. There are also Jack's super minions: The Jacken, a huge green sea-monster, Hugh Jackman's Stunt Double, a stunt double with sharp claws stuck in his knuckles, The LumberJack a crazed super strong axe wielding lumberjack, and Jackula the vampire.

Jack did eventually get out of the four square game, but Deedle killed him before he destroyed the earth.