Hoppy-Dops are a clay-like artificial creature created by a company called "Hivitra" in a lab by scientists to be the perfect friend for people. They look like a long thin cream-couloured clay like cylinder with a face, which rarely changes from a smile, unless they are comforting you. They were made to be a perfect friend who will never be unkind,angry or flawed, only gentle and sweet.

Hoppy dop.

Though unknown to the public they

"friends" of the future

were actually invented by Bobby McMuffin under the name Robert MC. Muffin. After a while, when the the Hoppy-Dops had became incredibly popular, they began to become more aggresivee and brutal and started turning against humanity trying to destroy it. This, was Bobby McMuffin's plan, and he had designed them so he could make them all turn evil at the appropiatee time. Luckily Deedle stepped in and stopped the massacre and defeated Bobby. Deedle had also collected some Hoppy-Dops which they turned good again to keep for emergancies, though so did Bobby McMuffin (evil ones that is.).

Angry Hoppy-Dop