Eco Man is a super hero who he protects the world from pollution and Climate Change. His enemies include Dr Pollute, Turbine and Climate Change (Who is MatthewCorp's gardener.)

He was once a normal man named Robert Dubbin who owned a store called Eco-Corp, which was like MatthewCorp but eco-friendly and far less popular. (Ironically enough it was V.G's favourite store because it had comfy armchairs and good bagels.) It was closed down and Robert was walking home when he was bitten by a radioactive tree. (The tree was radioactive because V.G has dumbed MatthewCorp Waste on it.) Robert got a number of powers, including slight super strength, harder and more resistant skin (Like a tree's bark) and he breathes out oxygen and breathes in CO2 like a tree. Coal also burns him if it touches him.

Eco-Man has a huge affinity ('More like INSANITY! hahahaha" -V.G) for trees and plants, and thinks killing trees is almost as bad as killing humans. (He does value human life more though because they are more intelligent and capable of advanced emotions and love.)

Eco-Man hates MatthewCorp A LOT and tries to close it down.