Draclia is a vampire (though not bad) version of Frederwick from a parallel universe where Frederwick turned into a vampire. When Draclia first arrived in this universe, Deedle mistook him as a evil vampire, because he had been sighted with blood, and many people had been disappearing off the streets and being found drained of blood. Soon Draclia told them he truth, about how he was a version of Frederwick and the blood he drank was pig blood he gets from the butchers, and Deedle, though suspicious at first, realised that there must be another vampire on the streets. Draclia told them he was actually older then this universe's Frederwick, and Draclia had arrived to warn Frederwick that he was going to be bitten by the big vampire boss in a couple of weeks, like what happened to himself. Deedle soon finds out that the bad vampire on the streets is named Thanatos, and he has a bunch of vampire minions to do his bidding. Thanatos's evil plan is to, well, basically just turn every one into vampires so he can build up his legion and take down the other vampire empires and then the world. So, Deedle teams up with Draclia to take down the Thanatos Empire. Meanwhile, Zambi and Draclia became very close friends because Zambi was happy to have another supernatural baby friend, which made Frederwick very jealous and resent Draclia even more, for stealing his friend, and his identity. Emily Jr., Frederwick's crush, even fell in love with Draclia because all girl find vampires sexy, and Draclia is a vampire heroic version of Frederwick who, to be honest, is kinda a scaredy cat. Eventually Deedle took on Thanatos, but just as things seem seem to be turning out for the better, Thanatos bites Frederwick, and it seemed that things are turning out just like they did in Draclia's universe where Thanatos succeeded in stage 1 of his plan and turned most of the city into vampires, and the remaining humans lived in hiding, BUT Frederwick leaps up and kills Thanatos from behind by stabbing him with a wooden stake just when Thanatos was about to kill Johnny Pickles. Frederwick then shows that he had actually had hidden a tomato sauce packet under his shirt up on his neck, which Thanatos had bitten. After Deedle had stopped all the remaining vampire minions and foiled their plan. Draclia decided that he was no longer needed in Deedle, but instead of going back to his universe he stays in that one, living there. He told Deedle that if they ever needed him though he was there to help. Frederwick got Zambi and Emily Jr. back, after proving he wasn't a scaredy cat by killing Thanatos, and because Zambi and Emily Jr. didn't see Draclia as much.