Dabba is one of the personalities of Jasper, along with Dr. Sherlock, Homeless Jasper, Jasmine and Goht, though he is different, because that instead of turning into Dabba regularly like the other personalities he only turns into Dabba when he hears the sound of the ancient artefact the paper flooper being flooped, and he only turns back to Jasper when he hears it again. He would also turn into a fully fledged Dabba when he dies. Dabba is a vicious bloodthirsty childish monster, that's completely insane. But there is also the Dabba Disease that almost everyone in Deedle has, because you get it from being near Dabba, or just any other personality in his body. You don't know you have the Dabba Disease, but when you die a fully grown Dabba takes control of your body. Dabbas are actually murderous bloodthirsty but strangely childish beasts, and the actual Dabba in Jasper's body is the king of them all. But, people with the Dabba Disease also turn into less powerful Dabbas when they hear the flopping of the paper flooper too. After Emily stumbled upon a secret temple and found the secret ancient book that had the instructions on how to make a paper flooper. She then accidentally started the Dabba Apocalypse where almost everyone turned into Dabbas when Emily created lots of paper floppers and flooped them. Johnny Pickles and some of the remaining Deedles stopped the Dabbas eventually though.

Later Bobby McMuffin tried to clone Dabba and add another personality to Jasper's body, one that he just randomly turns into and doesn't have to hear the paper flooper. But, the cloning stuffed up, when some Frederwick DNA got into the machine where they were cloning Dabba, and it resulted in Dabba Jr., a baby nice not evil Dabba.