Bobby McMuffin is an evil maniac bent on taken over the world and destroying Deedle, armed with super strength, Resistant skin and Flame Thrower hands. He is the nemesis, and equal of Johnny Pickles, Ruler of Deedle, which he also mostly shares bodies with, though is constantly trying to escape into a different body, and sometimes suceedingg. A lot of the time Deedle traps him in the void, a empty dark endless space dimension filled with cyborg space octopi called Mesinja, which he sometimes escapes from impossibly, or is sommuned back by other evil spirits. he often goes under over names, like Robert MC. Muffin (when he was making the Hoppy-Dops)

Bobby McMuffin was originally named Robert, and nicknamed Big Bad Bob the Bully in kindergarten where he bullied the other kids including Johnny Pickle's and Matthew's dads. Bobby's father was an alcoholic, and his mum died at birth. Bobby McMuffin created muffins, when he discovered a kind of liquid that was the first drug. He started up a "muffin business" where he supplied the drug by sneaking it in the muffins. Eventually people stopped adding it in, and just made it all together, and people forgot what was the drugs, and what was the muffins. He snuck into world war 2 at 16, (He was on the nazi's side.) already a huge bulk of muscles at the age, looking much older then he was. In a battlefield he was forced out of his trench and stumbled into an ancient cave where he learnt about necromancy and black magik. He dabbled in it, trying to give him powers, but he soon found out the much easier way of doing a deal with the devil. He contacted Mecha-Satan and did the deal of giving him powers, but in 3 years he had to lose his soul. With his incredible strength, he was the main warrior of the nazis and it seemed like they were winning. But 3 years came and passed, and Mecha-Satan sucked Bobby into his soul pit, despite his attempts to escape. Almost 65 years later he escaped from it and beat up Mecha-Satan, throwing him in instead then traveled back to Earth. He took over the underworld quickly and waged an all out war against Deedle, a newly founded secret organization. But Mecha-Satan escaped and tried to capture Bobby McMuffin, but the spell backfired and instead it created multiple personalities. (More on that on the Johnny Pickles page.) also Bobby McMuffin doesn't age.