Andre was a worker at Deedle that was chosen as a test subject for MatthewCorp's new invention, A CLONING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!! When Andre first tried it out it made a bad clone, which they threw out, but on a second try it successfully cloned Andre!!!! Unfortunately When everyone left the room, the clone accidentally fell down into the machine and bumped his head. Since the machines was still on, it continued cloning him until he woke up and got out, and by that time there were hundreds.

Though not knowing what to do with them at first, or even knowing which was the original, Deedle actually used them to beat Bobby McMuffin who they were fighting at the time, by them all piling up on him, squashing him. After that incident the Andres all went their separate ways and got different jobs and different lives.

The Andre Clones also fought in the Great Deedle War, and only a couple of them survived.